Congress writes to Rajya Sabha chairman, demands four-hour debate on Covid-19

Rajya Sabha, or the Upper House of Indian Parliament, will hold the first structured debate on Covid-19 pandemic on Wednesday, setting the stage for fierce criticism of the government from united Opposition.

After months of scathing commentary on the government’s management of Covid-19 situation, the Opposition will debate the issue, but it is still unclear how much time would be allotted for the debate.

But the government, too, will get ample chance to put forward its defence and hail its success in keeping the Covid-19 death rate lowest among major nations. Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu has decided to combine the clarifications on the health minister’s statement with a debate on Covid-19. The Congress has demanded a separate, full-fledged discussion on the most important issue that has played havoc with Indian economy and livelihood of millions of Indians and plummeting the first quarterly GDP to -23.8%.

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